Contaminated Site Assessment

Our team of contaminated land specialists provide expert advice and practical solutions to a wide range of industries and clients, including:

  • Regulatory agencies and corporations
  • Airports
  • Local government
  • Construction industry
  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Changes of land use
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Ports and Harbours.

Our services include:

  • Staged site investigations, from desktop assessments to soil and groundwater monitoring
  • Tiered risk assessments and a risk-based management approach
  • Site remediation and validation, including removal of underground fuel tanks, validation of excavations and classification of contaminated soils for treatment or disposal.
  • Acid Sulfate Soils assessment and management
  • Regulatory approvals for land redevelopment, rezoning, construction works and regulated sites environmental requirements
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for site construction works and ongoing site operations.

Areas of specific in-house expertise include:

  • Landfill investigations and monitoring, including assessment of surface water, leachate, groundwater and landfill gas.
  • Sediment quality assessments for Ports and Harbour works and assessing impacts from groundwater discharge zones, stormwater drainage and mine dewatering processes.
  • Airports and PFAS sites.

We have extensive experience in contaminated land assessment and remediation