Biosolids and Effluent Management

Our lead consultants are experienced in biosolids and effluent management, working with biosolids contractors to coordinate all aspects of biosolids management, including biosolids classification, lagoon sludge surveys, land suitability surveys, and regulatory approvals. Services include:

  • Biosolids classification to inform disposal or reuse options.
  • Sludge volume surveys, including boats and equipment for sampling lagoons.
  • Survey of receiving agricultural land for suitability to receive biosolids, including land identification, soil testing, farmer liaison and calculation of spreading rates.
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals and liaison with local stakeholders.
  • Coordinating with contractors for removal and spreading of biosolids on agricultural land or disposal to landfill.
  • Preparation of effluent management plans for classification and assessment for reuse purposes, such as irrigation.
  • Agronomy and farm site assessments working with Armstrong Resource Management (Tas).

We are experienced in biosolids and effluent management and can coordinate all aspects of biosolids management